Apr 29, 2012

pants, necklace and clutch H&M; Zara coat, American Apparel shirt
kalhoty, nahrdelík a psaníčko H&M; kabát Zara; košile American Apparel

Sorry for the small frequency of new posts. My camera has some technical difficulties hopefully I will have it resolved soon.
Omlovám se za nízkou frekvenci nových příspěvků. Mám ted nějaké technické problémz s foťákem tak snad už se mi to brzy podaří vyřešit.

Ancient History

Apr 23, 2012

all H&M except for Jessica Simpson heels

These photos were taken almost a year ago. I used to smoke slims and only drank white whine. I passed on those shoes to Tereza. I remember that day quite well. And this outfit was quite retro.
photo by: tonbogirl
Tyhle fotky už jsou téměř rok staré. V té době jsem jestě kouřila slimky a pila jenom bílé víno.  Boty zdědila Tereza. Pamatuju si ten den velmi dobře. A tenhle outfit byl docela retro.
fotky: tonbogirl


Apr 19, 2012

jacket and bag H&M, pants and heels Zara, shirt vintage

Girl can't help it

Apr 15, 2012


I guess one could say I went bananas with my shoe shopping lately. Oh well you know how it is, girl can't help it.
Někdo by si mohl říct, že poslední dobou už jsem se trochu zbláznila se svými nákupy bot. Ale mezi námi děvčaty, my víme jak to je, prostě si nejde pomoct.

Neoprene love

Apr 10, 2012

blouse H&M Conscious Collection, skirt H&M, shoes Zara
košile H&M Conscious Collection, sukně H&M, boty Zara

My sweet neoprene love.
Moje sladká neoprénová láska


Apr 3, 2012

H&M shirt and pants; heels Zara
H&M košile a kalhoty, boty Zara

Send me some cake with a file baked in it, please.
Pošlete mi prosím pilník zapečený v dortu.

Syn Magazine 2

Apr 1, 2012

H&M dress and shades, Zara coat and heels
šaty a brýle H&M, boty a kabát Zara

if you haven't seen it already here is another pic from photo shoot for Syn Magazine 
and full interview:

Have you got a memory that links with your decision to start up your blog?
Yes, I was going through some czech blogs and I didn't like them so much at the time so I wanted to start my own and do it better. It is funny now though because some of those blogs changed so much over the years and actually became my favorite.

There always seems to be an argument, two-sides of the blogging community; what do you think of it and other bloggers at the moment? 
I think blogging is the future and you can see it on many foreign blogs how far one can go in their carrier with a blog and how influential bloggers can become. I think it will help to connect designers and the consumers of fashion more together which I believe is important.

What’s your motivation to regularly blog?
To see the results of my efforts. Nothing makes me feel more happy then see my post finished, be proud of it and get positive feedback from my readers. I constantly try to be better so it is really nice to see when I feel like I am moving forward.

Has your location in Prague had an impact on your style or would you say you feel more moved by the more conventional fashion capital’s like Paris or London?
I would say I more moved by fashion capitols like London or New York rather then Prague. Good things fashion wise are only a few and far in between in Prague but on the other hand the more excited it makes me every time I see something inspiring or promising.

Describe Prague’s style?
Please, don't ask me that. I have no idea how to even make any sense of it. I would say confusing than.

How would you describe your own style? What influences what you put on in the morning?
Well it has changed so much since I started my blog in a good way I think. I definitely wear more feminine and chic clothes now but recently I was inspired by classic american sports wear so I am just mixing and mashing all these influences together to make it my own. Most of my decisions I make on what to wear on a work day are based on if I do or do not have to wear high heels with an outfit because I am always leaving house last moment so I need to be able to walk fast so I try to be practical and choose outfit which can be worn with flats or more comfortable heels I own. However on an off day I go for heels always and the higher the better so skirts, dresses or palazzo pants are usually my choices.

I’ve heard you work at Agent Provocateur; does this have any influence in what you wear? How do you keep your outfits fresh and exciting?
Definitely I always try to find new ways show the world my latest pieces of AP lingerie I have. Staying open-minded to new ideas on what and how to wear it. Pinterest is really great tool which helps me to organize photographs of outfits or people which inspire me.

Do you think having your own personal style is essential? Do you think its harder now to find a personal style today where there’s so many blogs, so many similar shops telling you what you should wear?
Yes I think it is. Speaking for myself, well, not really. I love to incorporate new styles into my wardrobe but while trying to make sure that it somehow reflects my own and is suitable for my figure.

What makes you excited about fashion?
Haha what doesn't make me excited about fashion? There is no such a thing.

Can you see yourself blogging for years to come yet? What are your plans for the blog, for yourself for 2012?
I cant see myself without it. I am moving to Dallas, Texas in summer so that will the biggest change that is ahead of me this year so the biggest challenge for both me and my blog make the transition as smooth as possible and hopefully attract more american readers.

tady je další fotka z focení pro Syn Magazine
 a interview v anglictine výše